East India Comedy (EIC)

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East India Comedy was founded in 2012, and currently consists of comedians Azeem Banatwalla, Kunal Rao, Sapan Verma and Sahil Shah. Together, this company boasts of the country’s best humour writers, script writers, comedians, tweeters and occasional email deleters. They have performed several shows across the country. EIC has a joint Amazon Prime Special in "EIC Outrage", and Azeem and Sapan have solo specials as well. Sahil has been touring in 2017 with his first special, Childish Behaviour. Together, the group is known for their sketches (especially the 'Then vs Now' series), the EIC Outrage topical news series, and the annual Ghanta Awards (a celebration of the worst of Bollywood), and individually, they've done thousands of stand-up shows.

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