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    Insider is a new curated lifestyle platform that gives you access to a handpicked selection of events and products. It’s a marketplace to find cool stuff to do and interesting products to buy.

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    Everything that you find on Insider has been picked for people who believe there’s more to life than sitting at home every weekend watching reruns of Friends (though the occasional binge is the perfect guilty pleasure).

    We make meaning for our lives by being impatient urban explorers - where we treasure new experiences that we share with the ones we love.

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    From crazy music festivals that feature everything from EDM to Extreme Death Metal, to comedy nights hosted by sharp-tongued stand-ups, and more, Insider’s got you covered when you ask yourself the question, “What should I do today that’s awesome?”

    Apart from events, Insider will, over the next couple of months, also showcase a host of handpicked products - from limited-edition lines of t-shirts, to exclusive home decor stuff and more.

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    OML is the company behind events like the Bacardi NH7 Weekender, TV series like The Dewarists, the alternative culture magazine and more.

    We love gigs, comedy shows, music festivals in the middle of nowhere, burgers-only food festivals and the like. We take our stuff seriously, and if that means trying out 19 different handmade cushions to find the one that’s got the perfect balance of 'super-comfy-sofa-accessory' and 'looks-bloody-awesome', so be it.

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