What to do on New Year's Eve 2019 in Bangalore

Garden City is a great place to ring in New Year - read on to find a great way to ring in 2019: From parties & events to where to celebrate in the city for free.

Shake a leg at exclusive New Year's Eve parties in Bangalore

Curated menus. Offers on food & drink. The best DJs bringing you beats till you drop. Everyone in a good mood, saying bye to the year that was, and counting down to a new one. Yes, there's hardly a better way to greet 2019 than on the dance floor.

Location: All around the city
Cost: Free, budget, or luxury

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Go pub-hopping at Brigade Road / M.G. Road

Greet in the new year with Bangalore's famed pubs, or indulge in a bit of new years' eve shopping, taking advantage of all the end-of-year sales. Almost every club will be hosting a New Year's Eve Bash: Look forward to those by popular clubs like Sanctum Club, High Ultra Lounge, Communiti, No Limmits Lounge & Club and more! An awesome time is guaranteed. Also, the M.G. Road metro station has an art gallery for art lovers and greenery all around.

Location: Brigade Road, M.G. Road
Cost: Free to explore, but depends on your loot and appetite!

Explore Lumbini Gardens

Nature is a great way to sign off the year. Take your kids (or better half, or friend, or just yourself) to these gorgeous gardens on New year's Eve. This is a park on the Nagawara Lake which has boating and wave pool, where you'll often hear sounds of excited kids who're probably discovering that the outdoors are awesome.

Location: https://g.co/kgs/JGzjqL
Cost: ₹30 for entrance. Separate fees for boating rides and wave pool use.

Spot birds at Hebbal Lake

Enjoy some flora and fauna on New year's Eve at this gorgeous lake. Take a pair of binoculars along and spot billed pelicans, spot billed ducks, sandpipers, purple moorhens and purple and grey herons. And of course, take in the expanse of that magnificent lake itself.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/gGygV3jUjWB2
Cost: ₹10 for entrance and fuel

Fulfil that New Year Resolution to visit Bangalore Palace!

Yes, it's always there and what better day than the last day of the year to finally knock that off your local-city bucketlist? Explore Tudor architecture with Gothic influences, adorned by Greek and Roman paintings. This palace takes you back to the days of the British Raj. Enjoy the landscaping by Mr. Veronica of Lalbagh.

Location: https://g.co/kgs/qRiEJu
Cost: ₹240 for entrance

Spend the day At Bannerghatta National Park

Yes, there's no shortage of gardens in this city. The park has a zoo, a butterfly enclosure, a safari park and snake house. You can also trek or hike in this park - work up a bit of a sweat before hitting the pubs!

Location: https://g.co/kgs/Qo9V1W
Cost: ₹80 for adults for zoo, ₹260 for adults for grand safari and ₹30 for adults for butterfly enclosure.

Host an epic house party

If you're the type who prefers playing the host, there are several services to help you host an incredible party of your own. Feeling musical? Rent a karaoke machine! If your gang is the type who gets its kicks out of video games, you don't need to buy an expensive console, you can just rent one (and the games)! Or if you really want to class things up, skip the cheap booze from the neighbourhood wine shop and splurge on a bartender. Or, hey, you could rent a projector and make a movie night of it.

Cost: Free to whatever your budget is!

Stream the best of the year gone by

Sometimes it's best to just ring in the new year by yourself, or with a loved one, at home. Draw the curtains, connect to the 'net, open a cold one, and watch some of the best content of the year gone by. From the best stand-up and sketch comedy from what has been a remarkable year for Indian comedy, to binge-watching all the Indian stand-up comedy specials, to some of the best shows out there on Netflix & Hotstar.

Cost: Free (YouTube & Vimeo), subscription costs (everything else!)

Sounds good? Don't forget to get the Party Pass that will make your New Year's Eve even more awesome - pay just ₹250 and get ₹1000 off on any NYE event, along with a host of other discounts & offers. Buy it here.

Happy New Year and have an incredible 2019!

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