The Insider Guide To Getaways From Mumbai

With temperatures rising, the best way to cool down is to escape the city. Find a night trek, or try white water rafting, paragliding & more to try this season!

Camping: Spend time in a tent under the stars

On a hilltop, by a lake, on the beach, next to a fort; whatever the location, camping is always fun! Think bonfires, clear night skies, barbecues, soulful sunrises & sunsets, sometimes with movies & live music. Pick your kind from these exclusive camping experiences below.

Other outdoors trips worth your while

You'll find a wide variety of adventure, sporting, and leisure things to do near Mumbai. Glide over Lonavala in a hot-air balloon. If you're into wine, check out a cycling & wine tasting tour through - you guessed it - Nashik!

Feeling wild? Good ol' Pench is waiting for you! If you'd prefer staying within the city, these best-of-both-worlds experiences - sailing in the Arabian Sea, or cycling around Mumbai is are right here!

Summer is here - Camping, Beaches, Hill Stations & More

And while that might induce groans from some, there are others who won't mind - because summer is a great season to travel on weekends. Be it relaxed camping by a lake, trekking up a cool mountain overnight, or trying new adventures (paragliding with the wind across your face beats being stuck in the city, right?), you can look forward to some fantastic getaways this summer. So whether you want to chill, or get your adrenaline pumping, Insider will have something for you (stay tuned!).

You can also visit city favourite Hill Stations! No air conditioner can ever match Mother Nature, especially with clouds swimming overhead, as you munch on some chikki, it's easy to forget that it's summer. With several easily accessible options near Mumbai - from the evergreen, popular Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar and Matheran to those that are slightly more off the beaten path, such as Malshej Ghat, Amboli and Jawhar. Several of these offer tours (where you can see some of the Sahyadris' best views that don't involve a trek), sightseeing, local food, whereas for the others you might just want to get a book (or a Netflix subscription) and relax.

Check out our guide to the most interesting offbear spots for you to visit here!

Not a fan of the outdoors?

No problem! We've got lots more for you do within city limits - live comedy & music, food, workshops & more on Insider!

You can also check out these offbeat spots to take a

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