What To Do This Weekend In Mumbai: July 21-22

Catch a comedy special by Navin Noronha, styling by a celebrity stylist, coffee cocktails, & live music!

Comedian Navin Noronha is coming out...
8:30PM, Sat, Lowfundwala Productions
In his special called 'Coming Out Soon', comedian Navin Noronha talks about his life and all the times he's had to come out about something. Nothing is off the table as he talks about being a former engineer, his sexuality, and more!

Noronha will also perform his special on Sunday, for which you can get tickets here.

Shop with a celebrity stylist!
11AM, Sat & Sun, Palladium, Lower Parel
Upgrade your brunch look, get business or black-tie dinners right, and dress better for your body type and lifestyle with Eshaa Amiin, a personal shopper and celebrity stylist. Fill a consultation form to help explain your needs, style, and body type to help you look effortlessly stylish!

Mix cocktails with some coffee in them
7PM, Sat, Harkat Studios

Get behind the bar to make your own versions of Irish Winter, Espresso Martini, & Citrus Garden! This workshop will conducted using Blue Tokai coffee by Susan Dias, founder of Native Brews.

Namit Das + Anurag Shanker with a full band
7:30PM, Sat, Hive at The Great Eastern Home

Put together by actor, singer, and composer Namit Das and guitarist and producer Anurag Shanker, Riwayat presents a full band show of literary content played in a light classical form. The songs are uplifted by influences from ambient jazz, rock, and folk tunes, with lyrics by Faiz, Munir Niyazi, Khusrow, and more!

If you'd just like to remain indoors, Insider has a solution for you! Binge-watch. TV Shows. Comedy Videos. Short-films. Check out Insider's Stay-In section! And when this beautiful weekend is over? You'll probably have to get back to work but we've got more awesomeness lined up for you across the week at Insider!

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